Twitter after a famous victory


As all fans of any sports team know, nothing beats winning. The euphoria you feel after a great victory can last for days. At the same time there is nothing worse than losing. The disappointment can linger on for quite some time. It’s even worse in this age of social media when fans of the opposing side have no problem rubbing it in that they have gotten one over on your team.

Arsenal have been the dominant team in this part of London forever. It’s only in the past two seasons that Tottenham have actually finished above Arsenal in the table. The media was having a field day predicting a power shift.

That is what makes this past weekend’s 4-2 Arsenal victory over North London rivals Tottenham so special.

Twitter is a fun place to be after a big win. So here’s just a sampling of some of the awesome comments that came through my timeline following the Gunners’ defeat of Spurs.