All Together Now - The 1914 Football Christmas Truce

All Together Now - Liverpool, England

All Together Now - Liverpool, England

It’s Christmas and since we are all about soccer it got us thinking of the story of the 1914 WWI Christmas Truce.

If you’re not familiar with it here’s a little background:

The story goes that in one location along the Western Front British and German troops were stationed in opposite trenches. On Christmas Eve some of the British soldiers heard the “enemy” singing carols and saw small Christmas trees on the other side. Then on Christmas day the soldiers from both sides met in what was referred to as “no man’s land” to exchange gifts and play football/soccer. In other words, the fighting was stopped for a brief period of celebration between the two sides which included a friendly sporting event. Upon its conclusion, the British and Germans went back to their own trenches and resumed the war.

It’s never been proven that these truces actually took place, but it’s become immortalized by many. In 2014 a statue entitle “All Together Now” was unveiled in Liverpool. It depicts two soldiers shaking hands over a soccer ball. There’s a fantastic 2005 film Joyeux Noël  and not sure how many remember the song “All Together Now” by The Farm but it’s from 1991 and is about the Christmas Truce.

I’d like to believe that this event really did happen. It’s been said on many occasions and seen at numerous World Cups and other international soccer matches; football unites people.

Enjoy the holidays and at least a match or two!