USWNT is proving a point at the Women's World Cup

The United States Women’s National Soccer team headed to France with its equal pay lawsuit still unresolved. In a nutshell the suit claims that the United States Soccer Federation is guilty of gender discrimination.

After two matches where the USWNT has dominated its opponents, it’s pretty evident that this lawsuit has merit. Women’s soccer has come a long way and the US Women are leading the way in making the sport popular at home and around the world.

It’s clear that in terms of soccer, the US women are way ahead of their male counterparts in terms of achievements. As outlined in the New York times the USWNT have accomplished a lot:

The United States women’s national team is the best in the world and has been for decades. Since the FIFA Women’s World Cup was inaugurated in 1991, the United States has won three of the seven titles, including the most recent one in 2015. Since women’s soccer became an Olympic sport in 1996, it has won four of six gold medals. The team has been ranked No.1 by FIFA for 10 of the last 11 years and has produced some of the biggest female sports stars of the last several decades, from Mia Hamm to Wambach to the current starting center forward, Alex Morgan

The Men’s national team did not qualify for the last World Cup in Russia and recently suffered a humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of Venezuela.

The point is not that the men’s team is bad, instead, it’s that the women are very good. They draw crowds to their matches, they sell tickets and they work just as hard as the men. Therefore, they deserve the same pay as their male counterparts.

The women’s team have already made it through to the knockout stages with one match to go. Whether they win this World Cup or not, they continue to make it clear that they are deserving of respect as well as equal treatment and equal pay.

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